Silver Sun Systems provides public sector and entertainment industry solutions across IT, sales, and business to business services. We currently operate as Military Gamer Supply, Silver Sun Solutions, and Silver Sun Studios.

Silver Sun Solutions

We are dedicated to providing the very best to our military, law enforcement, emergency services, and civil government partners. Our goal is to always go above and beyond what is in the contract to ensure our security and emergency services have what they need to get the job done.

Operation Centers and Command Posts

We offer modern solutions to current and future problems facing operations centers, command posts, and dispatch centers.

Our systems include integration of:

  • Voice Interaction Interfaces (Think Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, etc.)
  • Machine Learning
  • Cloud and On-Site Hosted Servers
  • Mobile Command Center infrastructure
  • Modular or Whole System Solutions

Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

With UAVs and remote sensors being more integrated into security agencies, we bring a set of solutions that are effective and privacy conscious in order to support the public and common good.

Virtual and Augmented Reality Training

In addition to the services we provide, we can also extend that capability with virtual and augmented reality training simulations.

For VR and AR Training We Offer:

  • Constructive and Live Training
  • Headset VR and/or Augmented Environments
  • Standalone PC Stations or Multi-User Environments

Silver Sun Studios

Our technology arm, Silver Sun Studios, leverages the latest in gaming and business software methods and practices. By not limiting ourselves to a business software approach we are able to apply outside-the-box solutions to new and emerging problem sets.

Military Gamer Supply

Brick and Mortar Sales

We operate a brick and mortar store in El Paso, TX that sells gaming hardware, board games, tabletop miniatures, roleplaying games, and card games. We also host events and tournaments across several different venues including our own.

Online Retail

We sell gaming hardware and accessories via our webstore at Through this line of effort we have become familiar with the security and user experience requirements of hosting eCommerce infrastructure.